Large Party Catering

There’s really no limit on the number of people we can feed. From conventions to sporting events to festivals, we secure a variety of delicious food trucks in Los Angeles that put a smile on every person’s face, no matter how big the crowd









Event catering made easy

The more complicated it is to keep track of everything, the smaller the details become and the greater the event, we know better than anybody. Fortunately, we have your back. FTALA is there from start to finish to make sure that everyone who attends your event has a seamless food truck catering experience, whether it feeds 100 or 400+ guests. We assist you in selecting the ideal vendors, taking care of all the necessary paperwork, and managing the event's logistics. We want you to just enjoy yourself while leaving the details to us.




The more the merrier

FTALA loves a good party! And what makes a party a party more than a bunch of people eating a boat-load of delicious food provided by yours truly? Our team wants to know what you and your guests are in the mood for… is it mac ‘n cheese? Chicken tacos? BBQ wings? Wood-fired pizza? What about fried dumplings? Lobster rolls? Ice cream? As you can probably tell, the list of what we offer goes on and on, so whatever it is, remember that you have plenty of options when you’re booking with us. We truly believe that the best part of a large event is that there are more people to try more delicious food.

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Responsible and reliable staff

We are experts when it comes to food trucks in Los Angeles. We have years of experience, and thanks to our unique relationships with vendors, we are able to make sure trucks are prepared with everything you want… and everything you didn’t even think you needed. To show you that we truly value transparency and reliability, we even provide a point-of-sale system for sales tracking at every event. We want to make sure that there’s a clear line of communication and zero confusion involved with your event.

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How many people can a food truck serve? arrow

The number of people a truck can serve depends on the menu offerings, but
on average, it can serve 100-150 people per hour when cooking and other
preparation is involved. If you have a large number of guests in a short time
window, we can have trucks pre-package meals to expedite the process
significantly and serve a great number of people.

How many food trucks should I book for a large event? arrow

This decision is ultimately yours, but we do recommend multiple food trucks
for large events. When cooking and meal prep is involved, the average food
truck can serve roughly 100-150 people per hour, so given that estimate, you
might want to consider booking multiple vehicles.

How many staff come with a food truck for a large catering event? arrow

We usually staff 2 to 3 people to serve food per truck.

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