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Make a statement and engage your target audience with a custom food truck marketing campaign

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Think of your food truck as a blank canvas and let our creative agency Food Truck Promotions take your brand on an immersive marketing tour. We urge you to let your imagination run wild and delegate to us the specifics of bringing your idea to life since working with us gives you the freedom to advertise your brand or new product anyway you’d like. We are professionals in creating wholly unique promotions for each of our customers and carrying out activations that are 100% true to a specific brand or item. We finish it just for you, no matter what!

Food Truck Promotions provides immersive experiences to your consumers so that they can connect with your brand at an organic, face-to-face level that resonates for a lifetime, whether you’re interested in a stand-alone brand activation or an extension of a lengthier campaign.

Meaningful Connections That Last


Build Excitement And Engagement


Exclusive Offers


Lifetime, Loyal Customers


Memorable Experiences


Giving Away Product Samples


Branded Items


Personal And Actionable Experiences



What better way to create excitement around your brand than by customizing your own branded vehicle? Food truck marketing promotions give you the power to create memorable experiences for your customers not only in Los Angeles, but worldwide, by creating ‘instagrammable’ moments that bring higher brand awareness to the digital landscape.
Whether it be giving out product samples, exclusive offers, or branded items, Food Truck Promotions offers personal services that amplify your brand in a truly unique way. Create connections that last and turn your target audience into life-time customers by personalizing your own branded vehicle today.


Full-scope production
& management

Every aspect of your branded activity is handled by Food Truck Promotions. We provide the vehicle wrapping and custom fabrications, permits and venue scouting, in-house cuisine production, brand ambassador personnel, and custom branded packaging from the first phases of ideation through the day(s) of your event.
We serve as a one-stop shop for all types of mobile brand activations, including huge and small, short-term national tours and/or one-day events. Nothing is beyond of our purview, and we tackle every situation with the mentality that "no assignment is too huge, or too little." We're the team that can make it happen whether you want to parade through Santa Monica in your taco truck, cruise around downtown Los Angeles in a vegan food truck, or reserve a selection of food trucks for your selected location(s).

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Track the trends

You have a fantastic opportunity to track customer trends with food truck marketing. Utilizing user-generated content and real-world impression analytics tools, you may gather consumer information that creates new leads and expand the reach of your campaign through experiential marketing. Launch a branded campaign with Food Truck Promotions to create new consumer value channels and surroundings for developing connections.




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Does your team handle parking permits? arrow

Yes! Our team is equipped to handle all the logistics of your mobile food
experience, including parking permits.

How many hours can you utilize the truck for? arrow

You can use one of our vehicles for up to 6 to 8 hours of service per day.

How much do branded food truck promotions cost? arrow

Branded food truck promotions usually start at $15k, but the price may rise
depending on your desired customizations and scope.

What are branded food trucks? arrow

Branded food trucks are a mobile experiential marketing platform. Through
multi-sensory experiences, they are designed to promote targeted emotional
engagement and make a positive impact on your brand/product’s audience.

What size are the vehicles? arrow

We offer different vehicles of different sizing, but our standard food truck is
20 ft long X 8.5 ft wide X 9 ft tall.

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