Instagram Reels on Wheels

Instagram is known for always innovating. In one of their latest attempts to push the boundaries, they released what is known as ‘reels,’ fun, fifteen-second videos that you can create and share with the Instagram community. But because Instagram has been around for over a decade, users can become accustomed to the app’s basic features like posting, liking, and commenting— the company found itself needing a technique to promote their new capability in a way that it would stick and become as integral to the Instagram experience as posting photos. How, though? Well, by partnering with us, The Los Angeles Food Truck Association, to get Instagram users everywhere excited about this new development in the Instagram world.

The FTALA Solution

Instagram left it to FTALA to envision and execute what is known as ‘reels on wheels,’ a mobile marketing experience that spread the word about Instagram’s new ‘reels’ feature. To kick off the two-day experiential marketing campaign, FTALA organized a content creator party, visiting different Instagram influencers houses around Los Angeles with ‘Happy Ice’ Italian ice and Instagram-branded cups and bucket hats perfect for photo opps— and, better yet, Instagram reels! The following day of the ‘reels on wheels’ branded promotion, the branded food truck made its way to the Melrose Trading Post, a heavily foot-trafficked area, to give out free ‘Happy Ice’ Italian ice and Instagram merch to people who tagged @instagramcreators in their stories. This meant that our mobile experiential marketing event was able to make lasting in-person impressions, while also being an experience that could be shared online, on the very platform we were promoting. 

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"FTALA made our food truck dreams come true! Content creators loved the sweet treat from Instagram."

- Instagram Client

The Results

It’s no surprise that swirly, colorful Italian ice as perfectly Instagrammable as our ‘Happy Ice’ would have such a wide reach. The Los Angeles Food Truck Association was able to hand out over 1,000 servings of Italian Ice and appear on thousands of Instagram stories, achieving exactly what Instagram wanted from this branded promotion. Given the crowd that gathered around our branded food truck all day, there’s absolutely no doubt that The Los Angeles Food Truck Association was able to ‘reel’ people in and create lasting, Instagrammable memories. Seriously, what better way to keep cool this summer than by joining FTALA and Instagram for an Italian Ice on a sunny Los Angeles day?

2 days

Keep Cool This Summer

Melrose Trading Post & Creators Homes

2,000 guests

Snow cone

'Happy Ice' Italian Ice

Free Bucket Hats







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