Product Sampling for Nespresso

Every coffee drinker knows that Nespresso brings the best of the best. The luxury coffee brand is famous for its high-quality coffee and high-tech machines that make the experience of drinking coffee from home truly effortless. And though Nespresso takes pride in creating an at-home coffee experience that is one-of-a-kind, the brand also wanted to find a way to remind coffee lovers of the true essence of drinking coffee: sitting down and taking the time to enjoy it, nowhere other than one of their boutique stores. 

The FTALA Solution

The idea was to offer an antidote to the online purchase of their products with an in-person, experiential marketing campaign that would re-emphasize the value of Nespresso cafes. And who better to pull it off than The Los Angeles Food Truck Association? Our team took the lead in custom wrapping one of our food trucks to showcase Nespresso’s brand on Rodeo Drive, ultimately giving people an experience that they can’t get from home. The truck served as both a mobile showroom and a coffee pop-up shop, showcasing machines by using them to make and hand out complimentary cups of coffee of all different flavors.  

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"We have turned to FTALA for various Nespresso pop up activations and they always exceed our expectations. Simply put, they execute incredible, seamless experiences and they are such a pleasure to work with."

- Nespresso Client

The Results

The Nespresso coffee truck brought excitement and luxury iced coffee to Rodeo Drive, encouraging coffee drinkers to engage with Nespresso’s brand in a way they never had before. Thanks to our partnership, a line formed down the block and brought in new faces to the store, which meant that more customers could explore the different, brilliant coffee machines Nespresso offers.

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