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Making a house feel like a home isn’t all that easy— and that’s why so many people turn to Lulu & Georgia for the absolute best home goods. Lulu & Georgia designs and curates the best and latest interior design, turning your dream Pinterest board into your living room with the snap of a finger. This Holiday season, Lulu & Georgia looked to The Los Angeles Food Truck Association to help remind people that the best way to give the Holidays that warm and fuzzy feeling is, of course, with the right throw-pillows and spirited rugs courtesy of Lulu & Georgia.

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The FTALA Solution

The FTALA team used our branded vehicle and creative mobile experiential marketing expertise to create a Holiday-themed activation that would definitely leave shoppers with the urge to head into Lulu & Georgia’s store. Our brand ambassadors gave away Lulu & Georgia promo codes as well as holiday goodies—  including Christmas staples like palo santo sticks and missile toes— at a heavily-trafficked LA hot-spot: the Brentwood Country Mart. We custom wrapped our tuk-tuk in a warm and inviting green that displayed Lulu & Georgia’s slogan, “See you at home,” on its side. And, the branded vehicle was adorned with pine garlands while it blasted Holiday classics like ‘Feliz Navidad’ to create the perfect Holiday atmosphere that would draw in a crowd and suit Lulu & Georgia’s vision. All in all, it was each of these details that contributed to the Holiday promotion’s success, thanks in no small part to our team’s commitment to executing Lulu & Georgia’s ultimate vision.

"Thanks to FTALA our holiday promotion at Brentwood Country Mart was a hit!"

- Lulu & Georgia Client

The Results

Of course, every Holiday shopper was left with the impression that Lulu & Georgia was the sure way to go for home decoration after seeing our branded promotion. During the Holidays, your home is the place where you share those special memories with your friends and families: gift-giving, sharing meals, and carrying out your very-own Holiday traditions. You realize around this time of the year the importance of creating a home environment that reflects you, and the lifestyle you want to lead— and sure enough, this is the notion that people all over the Brentwood Country Mart were left with after our statement-making Holiday promotion. There’s just no doubt that Lulu & Georgia is the sure choice.

1 week

See You at Home

Brentwood Country Mart

+300 Attendees

Palo Santo Sticks & Missile Toe

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