Salem Ilese Food Truck Promotion

Pop singer and songwriter Salem Elise released her first cohesive body of work, the (L)onely Child EP, with the desire to drive buzz around the project— but she wondered: how would she pull it off? In the past, musicians have used things like billboards and radio appearances to get the word out, but Gen Z is all about doing things differently. So, 22-year-old Salem Elise and her team decided to partner with The Los Angeles Food Truck Association in order to really promote her EP, as well as her overall brand, in a refreshing way, with the added benefit of satisfying a lot of cereal lovers in the process.

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The FTALA Solution

Once FTALA watched the (l)onely child single’s music video, a light bulb went off. Our team noticed Salem eats ‘(l)onely child cereal’ in one of the scenes, and we decided to use the product as inspo for the branded food truck we would go on to customize for her experiential marketing campaign. In the end, our team was able to bring a small creative detail in the music video to a completely new level, creating a custom branded, Salem Ilese ‘(l)onely child’ cereal truck that would garner attention from just about anyone who happened to be walking along Venice Beach that day. FTALA also added other touches to the promotion: the branded food truck was wrapped with QR codes that took you to download the new EP for pre-order, and once you did, you were given free, custom-branded (l)onely child cereal we created. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Salem Elise food truck without meeting the one-and-only Salem Elise. She made an appearance at the event, greeting the people who approached the branded food truck and were now stoked on the (L)onely Child EP release.

"FTALA understood our vision from the very beginning and executed an incredible event from start to finish."

- Salem Ilese Team

The Results

Salem Elise’s ‘(L)onely Child’ promotion was a definite success. Crowds built around the branded vehicle, and everyone who attended the event could feel this new, amplified sense of anticipation surrounding her upcoming EP release. Because many of Salem Elise’s fans are Gen-Z'ers, the promotion sought out— and succeeded— in creating a moment that was ‘gram-able’ and in an otherwise crowded digital space. By partnering with The Los Angeles Food Truck Association, Salem Elise was able to promote her EP, and her overall brand, in a way that would actually resonate with her burgeoning audience.

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