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Alpha Foods is dedicated to opening people’s minds to the benefits of plant-based food options, without creating any pressure or labels that often come with choosing meat-alternatives. The plant-based brand recognizes a fear many of us have: if you call yourself a vegan, or if you simply forgo meat every once in a while, will you somehow end up charging our crystals in the moonlight and writing slam poetry about transcendental meditations? Alpha Foods partnered with The Los Angeles Food Truck Association to show that the answer to that question is no— consuming less meat doesn’t need to come with baggage or a new personality, and it can actually be surprisingly delicious!

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The FTALA Solution

So, how did Alpha Foods and FTALA communicate the message that plant-based food can be tasty, hassle-free, and no cause for an identity crisis? We custom branded one of our statement-making food trucks and put on a multi-city tour, creating buzz around the brand’s delicious vegan options. Of course, Los Angeles had to be a main stop on our list. We visited both USC and UCLA, giving college students the option of a breakfast sandwich, spicy maple BBQ chick’n nuggets, chick’n fajita burritos, or steak ranchero burritos, all of which were meatless and mouthwatering.


As people waited for their food outside the plant-based food truck, they also had the opportunity to sign up and be entered for a chance to win a fully stocked Alpha Foods freezer. All they had to do was scan the QR code, sign up, and hope for the best! Our skilled brand ambassadors also succeeded in leading people towards the Alpha photo frame that was strategically set up outside the truck, where people could take pictures and tag @alphafoods online using the #AlphaOnTour hashtag. This extra touch made all the difference, creating awareness of Alpha Foods in the digital landscape too, and therefore taking the branded promotion to a different level. 

"From securing the ideal parking spot on college campuses to preparing our delicious plant-based food and seamlessly handling day-of logistics, the FTALA teams does it all."

- Alpha Foods Client

The Results

By partnering with FTALA, Alpha Foods was able to create thousands of impressions and communicate their main message: you can change your diet for the better without changing your routine or sacrificing flavor. Plant-based options should be regarded with the same love as animal-based ones— and though foreign before, that concept became completely clear to Californians after our successful partnership and branded mobile activation. Alpha Foods and FTALA were able to bring smiles to students all over USC and UCLA, as well as to a lot of cows and chickens.

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