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Baby’s Burgers has been at the forefront of the LA food truck scene since their inception in 2009. With a strong social media presence, a 4-star Yelp rating with more than 700 reviews, winners of several food contests and multiple television appearances, it’s apparent why Baby’s is a leader in the food truck industry. Baby’s has also collaborated with companies such as Nestle and 505 Southwestern Salsas, and created a top selling Hot Pocket as well a new 505 Burger & Fry sauce.

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Meet Lori & Erica

Lori Barbera is from upstate New York and made her mark in the Event world here in LA. Lori has produced numerous events for celebrities from Tyler Perry to Jay Leno, companies from Wolfgang Puck, Universal, Warner Bros & Fox, and shows from Dancing with the Stars to True Blood.
Erica Cohen is an ex-New Yorker and launched her career in the restaurant world as one of the founding partners in the first of The ONE Group’s many restaurants. She is a passionate foodie and burgermeister at heart who had “been searching for the perfect, quintessential cheeseburger since [she] was a little girl,” decided that in order to satiate her quest she would have to create her own flawless burger: the Simple Original Beauty on the BBB menu.
Together, they originated the Baby’s Badass Burger concept, design and branding, and developed and refined the menu with Executive Chef Jason Ryczek.

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