Public Health sanitary inspection grade of an A.
Mexican Food




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Birrierria Michi is a Mexican food truck taking over the streets of Los Angeles by serving gourmet and unique Birria dishes. Their food truck dishes are seemingly simple: including tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and everything in between. Although simple, their flavorful Birria makes every bite so special due to its delicious punch that will leave you wanting more. From their seasonings to their herbs and vegetables imported from Mexico, you can always count Birrerria Michi for consistent flavor, freshness, and authentic Mexican cuisine. If you want to leave your guests’ mouths watering book Birrerria Michi to cater your next event.


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Jose Acosta & Luis Acosta are brothers who work just about every day to build a brand and leave a legacy! They started Birreria Michi food truck in hopes to share their love for food through serving the Los Angeles community. Starting this truck meant everything to the brothers and got them through many tough moments. They have both worked in the food industry for a very long time and felt starting a food truck was something they were meant for. The Acostas are passionate about serving authentic Mexican food made with fresh herbs that are transported from Mexico. They make their food with love and want to share that with everyone who visits Birreria Michi!