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Cafecita is a women-owned specialty coffee roaster. All of their coffees are single origin, freshly roasted, and sourced exclusively from sustainable women-owned coffee farms and co-ops. Their newly launched coffee trailer is solar-powered, meaning it’s completely silent and does not require a generator or harmful fumes. Cafecita can personalize the menu for each event using our freshly roasted coffees, natural ingredients, and homemade syrups. We use 100% compostable cups, lids, sleeves, and straws.

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Meet Natalie

Prior to launching Cafecita, Natalie worked as an international human rights lawyer for 10 years. Through her travels, Natalie got to experience cafe culture around the world, including how coffee brings people together and how cafes become community gatherings. She also saw the gender inequalities in the coffee industry, which is what led her to return to her hometown of Los Angeles and launch Cafecita, a coffee company dedicated to women’s empowerment.

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