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Tacos are the best. Everyone knows it. We know it. Oh, and did we mention that you can book Tacos El Gringo truck to cater your next event? That’s right: Tacos El Gringo was born out of the founder’s passion for Mexican food, and after years of doing pop-ups and catering events, he finally decided to take his love for tacos on the road. Now you can find the Tacos El Gringo food truck in LA serving up the best tacos you’ve ever had! The delicious taco truck specializes in grilled meats made over direct fire, not gas or an electric grill! Tacos El Gringo is committed to providing you with real Mexican street food experience with every bite: they use only fresh ingredients harvested daily to provide quality. And they don’t stop there—the team makes sure that every dish has vibrant colors and bursts with flavor because they know that great tasting food comes from using high quality ingredients and cooking techniques like grilling over open flame instead of gas. Book Tacos El Gringo to cater your upcoming event now!

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